Devotional guide Romans #5: Romans 13-16

Monday: Read Romans 13:1-7 The key to understanding Rom 13:1-7 is that Paul was demanding that they pay their taxes. That this is context is quite apparent from 13:6-7. The problem appears to have been that some in the church (maybe the oppressed Jewish members—remember they were kicked out of Rome in the late 40’s […]

Devotional guide Romans #4: Romans 11-12

Monday: Read  Romans 11:1-24 Paul is continuing the focus on God’s faithfulness to His covenant. The question has been: How can God be faithful when Israel has not responded to its Messiah? The problem is made even worse when we recognize that the Jews have rejected Christ, but many Gentiles are coming to faith in […]

In Israel-Palestine the status quo ain’t status quo #7: Here’s why

It’s a land grab To understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict better we must recognize that at its core it is a struggle for land. There is the Jewish desire to have a homeland in which they can make their own laws and guarantee the safety and well-being of their people. NB: It must be understood that […]

Devotional Guide Romans #3: Romans 8-10

Monday: Read Romans 8:1-17 Well, we have entered the heart of the book of Romans, the heart of Paul’s theology, and the heart of the NT. Romans 7 ended with the crisis that was the story of Israel and the question, “who will set me free?” (7:24: “me,” of course, refers to the nation of […]

In Israel-Palestine the status quo ain’t status quo: #6 Why should we care?

This is my 6th post with regard to the conflict in Israel-Palestine. And you might be thinking, “Okay, Rob we get the message. The conflict in Israel-Palestine is not good. But can we move on?” Nope. It’s like the preacher who preached the same sermon the first three weeks at his new church. Finally one […]

Devotional Guide Romans #2: Romans 4-7

Monday: Read Rom 4:1-25 Paul’s argument in Romans centers on the fact that God was faithful to His promises to Abraham through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ—by His death! (3:21-25). Paul’s argument is steeped in creation. In Romans 1, he points out that God created humanity to reflect his image and glory to the creation. […]

Devotional Guide Romans: week 1: Rom 1-3

Monday: Read Romans 1:1-17 Well, you may be excited to get into a book as rich as the book of Romans. Or you may be intimidated. Or you may be concerned that the theology of Romans will bore you or go over your head. I suppose all are legitimate emotions. Romans is perhaps the richest […]

Does loving your neighbor mean that you want them to have adequate healthcare?

I typically do not like to address a topic unless I have a certain level of understanding of it and of the various sides in the debate. This, then, means that I am woefully ill-equipped to address the present topic. Yet, I suspect that the topic itself, though I am sure it is immensely complex, […]