Why I think the American Church is in Bed with the Beast

    What if I were to say, “The wealth we (generic plural again) in the West have attained is largely immoral (unbiblical) and is closely tied to the work of the Beast!?” NB: Before I proceed, I want to acknowledge that I too am guilty of being in bed with the Beast. What I […]

Jesus and the banks: 2 reasons why Jesus would not be pleased with Credit Card rebates

In a previous post, I briefly commented on the banking industry’s practices of charging excessive interest rates. I suspect that very few of you were overly irritated by what I noted. However, I wish that you were infuriated. The story of Robin Hood exposes the abusive practices of those in power and how their wealth […]

When is breaking the commandments okay? 2 things to consider 10 Commandments #3

Was Robin Hood a good guy or a criminal? Why is it that we cheer for Robin Hood and his band of merry men and against the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham? After all, was not Robin Hood a thief? Did he not break the commandment—“Thou shall not steal”? Les Miserable: Was Jean Valjean and the […]

How do you kill 11 million people? 3 reasons why we’ve likely been duped

Florida has been making the news once again as its board of education approved a curriculum for middle school students that affirms that slaves benefitted from their enslavement: after all, the new curriculum suggests, they gained many useful skills such as carpentry and the like. In Israel, the Israeli Education Ministry has barred the Parents’ […]

3 reasons why the 10 Commandments apply for Christians today. 10 Commandments #1

So, I did a Google search on “Why Christians should not do social justice” and, yes, I was grieved at the results. Folks, what do you think the 10 Commandments are about? I’ll tell you: They are about creating a just society. Heaven and Earth Let me begin by starting at ground zero: the resurrection […]