The Great Prostitute & Government interference: Part 3

“The biggest problem facing the seven churches [of the book of Revelation] was Babylon. And the biggest problem we still face in our churches today is Babylon” (McKnight, Scot; Matchett, Cody. Revelation, 50). I recently watched a documentary that described conditions in a country during the 43-year reign of a brutal dictatorship. The narrator begins, […]

Have we been misled? The Beast: Part 2

Is it possible that America’s foreign interventions have served the aims of America’s politicians and its major corporations more than it has served the interests of the American people? NB: This post has been edited for the accuracy of its content.  NB: After the 1972 earthquake in Nicaragua, the US gave Samosa $57million in emergency […]

Gaza When will this damnable war end, When will we speak up?

Well, they did it—though I don’t believe this is something to be celebrated. Israel has officially inflicted 20 times more casualties on Gaza than the damnable attack of Oct 7 leveled on Israel. According to Al Jazeera, the death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 25,000. This, of course, does not include the 8,000+ that […]

The ICJ Ruling: Israel, Gaza, & the Road to Genocide

The International Court of Justice has issued its ruling on the South African charge that Israel’s war on Gaza is on its way to genocide. One of the more common mistakes in the reporting on this case has to do with the actual charge. The claim is often made that in order to prove genocide […]

Have we been lied to? America’s war machine and the Beast

The Pax Romana (~27 BC-AD 180). Did you know that the Roman Peace was established by bloodshed? What Rome called peace meant slavery, rape, devastation, and even death for virtually everyone else. In chapter 3 of The Business of War, Myles Werntz argues that one of the reasons why Achan (see Joshua 7) was punished […]

When we love we look like Jesus: Business of war #2

In my last post, I began a look at the war on Gaza from the context of the business of war. NB: See my post from Dec 8, 2023 “Challenging the Church to be the Church in a time of war.” (If you haven’t read that post, please do so before finishing this post). My […]

The war on Gaza and the business of war #1

As we enter a new year, a year that is certain to be contentious as the American political scene begins to gear up, I would like to suggest that perhaps the best thing the Church can do is to get back to the root of the Gospel call of radical discipleship. I have argued that […]

Why “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Xmas” are Christian phrases

As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of our King, many struggle with what are thought to be compromised expressions, “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Xmas.” I can still hear my mom (God rest her soul) mumbling, “They are taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.” No, mom, they are not! As text messages to family, friends, […]

The war on Gaza and the evangelical response; Part 2

I began last week’s post with a statement from a peacebuilder in the Middle East. The statement, which is an indictment of the evangelical church, essentially says that evangelicals are considered a liability and not a help when it comes to working for peace. The problem is that most evangelicals do not see the problem. […]

Challenging the Church to be the Church in a time of war

“Evangelicals are the most dangerous people on the planet. We don’t see them as either the hope of the world or irrelevant. They are a liability and we are committed to working around them” (anonymous). This statement comes from a leader who is working on the front lines to make a difference in the Middle […]