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  Unveiling the Kingdom: Empire, Power, and the Gospel

Has the Western Evangelical Church lost its way? In this series of livestreams, I will delve into the intersection of faith, culture, and politics through the lens of the biblical text. We will challenge common assumptions about how we perceive the Kingdom of God in today's world dominated by empire and power structures. Drawing on insights from scripture and historical context, we will explore why understanding the Bible beyond our modern cultural lens is crucial. We will tackle tough questions such as the true nature of the Kingdom of God versus the kingdoms of the World, the seductive power of empire, and the implications for our faith and daily lives.
Part 2
Thurs July 18
5:00 pm PST
8:00 pm EST
Follow this link to attend

 Life in an Israeli Prison: Munther Amira tells his story 

Join us for a compelling livestream as Munther Amira shares his firsthand account of life inside an Israeli prison. Munther, a prominent Palestinian activist, will recount his experiences, shedding light on the challenges, resilience, and the human spirit in the face of being detained in an Israeli prison. Gain unique insights into the realities faced by these detainees, their families, and the broader implications for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Fri July 12
10:00 am PST
1:00 pm EST
Follow this link to attend

 Listening to Understand: Exploring Judaism, Antisemitism, & Israel's War on Gaza

Join hosts Rob and Danny as they delve into the multifaceted landscape of Jewish identity and the contemporary challenges faced by Jewish communities worldwide. In this live discussion, they'll be joined by two prominent Jewish leaders, including an esteemed American Rabbi, to explore topics ranging from the complexities of Jewishness and the diverse expressions of Judaism to the troubling rise of antisemitism. Together, they'll also address the ongoing conflict in Gaza and its implications for both Israel and the broader Jewish diaspora. Don't miss this enlightening conversation that promises to offer insight, understanding, and meaningful dialogue on critical issues shaping the Jewish experience today.
Tues July 30
10:00 am PST /
1:00 pm EST
Follow this link to attend

Determinetruth Podcast
Embark on a Journey of Revelation: Delving Deeper with Leading Christian Scholars:  

After completing of our captivating exploration of the Book of Revelation, we have been engaging in interviews with some of the most esteemed Christian scholars.
What do these scholars believe is the most vital aspect of the Book of Revelation? How do they interpret the enigmatic figure of the Beast in today's world? And who or what do they identify as the Great Prostitute in our modern context?
These questions might pique our curiosity, but their answers are more than just intriguing; they're essential for the church today. Prepare to be challenged, enlightened, and inspired as we uncover profound insights together.
Subscribe now and join us on this transformative journey. Together, let's deepen our understanding and strengthen our faith as we seek wisdom from those who have dedicated their lives to the study of Scripture."
The Determinetruth Podcast is available on most streaming platforms
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What happened to American democracy?

“For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil . . .” (1 Tim 6:10). Sure, America is a democracy. However, over the next several posts I would like to suggest that it isn’t as rosy as we might believe. It is commonly believed that American democracy is the best form […]

Isr-Gaza: All is not quiet on the western front; it’s worse

Time seems to have lulled us into a state of apathy or complacency. Some of us have seen the horrors of what is taking place in Gaza, and we have had to turn away. Others have tuned it out altogether. But we cannot do so. People are dying. I don’t care for a minute if […]

Two kids a day is two too many: Understanding Isr-Pal #2

I have pleaded throughout the past 9+ mos that we endeavor to view the war on Gaza from the perspective of innocent women and children—be they Israelis or Palestinians. The death of one child, one young person, one grandmother, one father, or one sister is too many. In my last post, I began to ask: […]


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