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the call and mission of the Church as bearers of the kingdom, and the challenge of living in the 21st century.


Devotional guide Romans #5: Romans 13-16

Monday: Read Romans 13:1-7 The key to understanding Rom 13:1-7 is that Paul was demanding that they pay their taxes. That this is context is quite apparent from 13:6-7. The problem appears to have been that some in the church (maybe the oppressed Jewish members—remember they were kicked out of Rome in the late 40’s […]

Devotional guide Romans #4: Romans 11-12

Monday: Read  Romans 11:1-24 Paul is continuing the focus on God’s faithfulness to His covenant. The question has been: How can God be faithful when Israel has not responded to its Messiah? The problem is made even worse when we recognize that the Jews have rejected Christ, but many Gentiles are coming to faith in […]


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