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Devotional guide Romans #4: Romans 11-12

Monday: Read  Romans 11:1-24 Paul is continuing the focus on God’s faithfulness to His covenant. The question has been: How can God be faithful when Israel has not responded to its Messiah? The problem is made even worse when we recognize that the Jews have rejected Christ, but many Gentiles are coming to faith in […]

In Israel-Palestine the status quo ain’t status quo #7: Here’s why

It’s a land grab To understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict better we must recognize that at its core it is a struggle for land. There is the Jewish desire to have a homeland in which they can make their own laws and guarantee the safety and well-being of their people. NB: It must be understood that […]

Devotional Guide Romans #3: Romans 8-10

Monday: Read Romans 8:1-17 Well, we have entered the heart of the book of Romans, the heart of Paul’s theology, and the heart of the NT. Romans 7 ended with the crisis that was the story of Israel and the question, “who will set me free?” (7:24: “me,” of course, refers to the nation of […]


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