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Gospel of John Devotional Guide #5: John 16:1-19:42

Monday: Read John 16:1-33 Jesus continues His extended speech to His disciples. He reminds them that they will indeed suffer as a result of their belief in Him. He tells them of this in order to keep them from stumbling (1). The idea is that when these things begin to happen, they will remember that […]

The way we do church: #4 Pastors and the prophetic voice

I began this series by asking, “where are all the prophetic voices?” I will grant that the prophetic voices are out there: lest anyone adhere to the Elijah syndrome—which I like to call the Tigger principle: “I’m the only one!” One of the problems is that although the best place for the prophetic voice is […]

Gospel of John devotional guide #4: John 11:47-15:27

 Monday: Read John 11:47-12:19 Having raised Lazarus from the dead, the authorities convene and determine that Jesus must die. In fact, Caiaphas, the high priest, declares that it would be best for one person to die for the sake of the nation (50). Of course, Caiaphas was thinking that if Jesus continued to gain followers […]


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