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Devotional Guide the book of Acts #5: Acts 19-23

Monday: Read Acts 19 Paul’s 3rd missionary journey (53-57) takes him to Ephesus which was a leading city in the Roman world. At the time, it was a port city on the east coast of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). Paul had set his sights on Ephesus from the beginning of his ministry. Paul, in fact, […]

I’m Pro-life and I’m grieved that Roe v Wade was overturned

I know that pro-life evangelicals are rejoicing today. Well, I am grieved. and here is why. The Church has historically led the way on women’s rights One of the ironies that gets lost in the modern debates regarding abortion is that Christianity has historically been a movement that has flourished among women and the poor. […]

Devotional Guide: the Book of Acts #4: Acts 14-18

Monday: Read Acts 14 Paul and Barnabas reach the interior of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). Here we really get a good understanding of the tension that they faced. As we noted earlier, Paul and Barnabas enter the synagogues and preach to the Jews first. Then they would begin to proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom […]


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